My Christmas Blessings

As I am sure most people do, I tend to think about the blessings in my life more during the Christmas season and have a greater sense of responsibility for giving/sharing of my blessings. I wish I could say that I am focused on this need all year round but it is so easy to get caught up in our daily grind that we forget to think about those in need. Charities are always in the back of most peoples mind and they always mean to make that donation or volunteer time (if they ever have any extra time). I want my children to see their parents giving more to other people! I want them to be giving adults and have the capacity to think of others and not just themselves. Its never too late to start…

Now, there are hundreds if not thousands of charities out there. Some are legitimate and of course some are not! Be cautious and check out the charity before you give any donation. A good not for profit hospital like Children’s or St. Jude is, in my mind, great organizations to support.

My hope is that everyone can take the good will and cheer into the New Year and allow the Holy Spirit to move them all year long, think of the good that could be done!

I found this website while searching for charitable activities that my entire family could do. Hopefully you will find something to involve your family in.

100 Charitable Activities You Can Do With Your Family

Merry Christmas everyone and may the New Year bring you prosperity and joy.


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