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My Thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg!

I have been doing some reading and video watching of Mark Zuckerberg. Unfortunately a lot of the comments on the videos are negative in fact they tear him down. I don’t understand people’s need to tear someone down that is … Continue reading

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What do you think successful people do that others don’t?

Here are six habits of successful people that could be a starting point: Focus on what’s important (not merely urgent) Every day there are distractions, fire drills, emails and voicemails that need or want responses. Some of these are important, … Continue reading

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Cell phone ringtones a plenty!!

I love phonezoo, where else can you find a ton of wallpapers for your phone not to mention some crazy ringtones. You can also import your fav song and turn it into a ringtone. I am sure there are a … Continue reading

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