My Christmas Blessings

As I am sure most people do, I tend to think about the blessings in my life more during the Christmas season and have a greater sense of responsibility for giving/sharing of my blessings. I wish I could say that I am focused on this need all year round but it is so easy to get caught up in our daily grind that we forget to think about those in need. Charities are always in the back of most peoples mind and they always mean to make that donation or volunteer time (if they ever have any extra time). I want my children to see their parents giving more to other people! I want them to be giving adults and have the capacity to think of others and not just themselves. Its never too late to start…

Now, there are hundreds if not thousands of charities out there. Some are legitimate and of course some are not! Be cautious and check out the charity before you give any donation. A good not for profit hospital like Children’s or St. Jude is, in my mind, great organizations to support.

My hope is that everyone can take the good will and cheer into the New Year and allow the Holy Spirit to move them all year long, think of the good that could be done!

I found this website while searching for charitable activities that my entire family could do. Hopefully you will find something to involve your family in.

100 Charitable Activities You Can Do With Your Family

Merry Christmas everyone and may the New Year bring you prosperity and joy.

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My Thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg!

I have been doing some reading and video watching of Mark Zuckerberg. Unfortunately a lot of the comments on the videos are negative in fact they tear him down. I don’t understand people’s need to tear someone down that is successful. Is it jealousy?

In my mind it’s fear and jealousy all rolled into one ugly comment. They wish they could be successful and resent the fact that someone else is. I understand that there is some controversy over how facebook came into being but…

The whole point of competition is taking someone’s concept/product and improving it…making it function better…more resilient. So why is it that Mr. Zuckerberg has received so much flack for facebook. I admire the fact that he was able to take an idea that was very much in it’s infancy and turn it into this “thing” that none of us can seem to live without!

Who cares if he is not the best interviewee, who cares if he rambles and jumps around when trying to answer a question. I would like to see how some of these people that are ragging on his interview skills try to be interviewed knowing that your every word and nuance will be scrutinized and see how you would fare.

My opinion is just that an opinion but I had to put it out there. God has given him a gift and he is using it well.

So…thank you Mr. Zuckerberg for creating a website where I can reconnect with old friends and new friends whether they be around the corner or thousands of miles away.

That’s my two cents…which in reality is only valuable to me, but hey…I am fine with that.

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What do you think successful people do that others don’t?

Here are six habits of successful people that could be a starting point:

Focus on what’s important (not merely urgent)
Every day there are distractions, fire drills, emails and voicemails that need or want responses. Some of these are important, but most aren’t both important and urgent. You don’t owe everything an immediate response. Instead, focus on what’s most important right now, that day. Focus on what’s going to have the most impact. Get it done before anything else.

Dig into the big projects (not just the fast, easy tasks)
It feels good to get little things off of your plate. Clear your inbox. Tackle the fast, easy tasks first. But those little things don’t always get you where you want to go. With the same amount of time, force yourself to dig into the bigger, more complicated projects. Yes, then can often be more intimidating. But their ROI is significantly higher. Plus, once you get started you know it’ll be faster and easier to finish than you thought up front.

Read the Wall Street Journal every day
You get busy with the day and don’t make it a priority, yet every time you commit the time you get better – you learn something new, you gain a fresh perspective, you find something worth sharing with a client, a prospect, a partner or someone else you want to meet. Focus on just 10-15 minutes to scan headlines, and you’ll be motivated to read deeper.

Stop checking email, Twitter and your RSS reader so often
Turn them off when you need to focus (which is most of your day). You know what needs to get done, what your biggest priorities are today – and they’re not in your inbox. Stay connected, keep conversations going, but you’ll get far more done if you’re not in one or more of these every hour.

Dedicate at least an hour to uninterrupted thinking every day
Close your door, turn off all distractions, and print out what you need to think about. It can be a topic to brainstorm, something strategic that needs a response, the outline of a new plan or proposal. Just don’t initiate these deep thinking efforts at your desk, with email on another screen, and other distractions in front of you. Work at a separate table, somewhere over lunch, at a coffee shop in the morning. You know these can be the most productive parts of your day. Do it more often.

Leave work for tomorrow
You can’t get everything done today, nor should you. Take time to go home, be with your family, watch a ballgame, get some exercise and enough sleep. This means being comfortable with leaving some work for another day, as well as leaving other projects on the table indefinitely. You can’t do everything, and you need balance – not just for yourself and your family, but to make tomorrow a more productive day as well.

~Matt Heinz – Heinz Marketing Inc.

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Cell phone ringtones a plenty!!

I love phonezoo, where else can you find a ton of wallpapers for your phone not to mention some crazy ringtones. You can also import your fav song and turn it into a ringtone. I am sure there are a ton of other websites out there that let you do this but Phonezoo is so easy to use. Oh yeah, did I mention it is FREE!!

Check it out

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Yahoo Site Explorer Update: Brand New Dashboards, Now With More SearchMonkey

I am really just getting started looking at Yahoo site dashboard but it is pretty cool right from the start. You can see a lot of information about your site.

Site Explorer Update: Brand New Dashboards, Now With More SearchMonkey.

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The Solution For The NFL talks!

It amazes me that the NFL can have billions of dollars and they are fighting over how to distribute this money. How about you distribute that through our military servicemen and our teachers. There are teachers nationwide that are losing their job because of budget cuts. There are military servicemen and women that have to live off of food stamps because they don’t make enough money to support their families.

Football is a sport for entertainment but teachers and our servicemen and women are for our kids future and our protection.

Give them the money!!!

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Gas Prices

I was listening to the news today and was infuriated by the fact that the current rise in gas prices is due to the “fear” that production will shut down in Libya!! So the gas prices are getting jacked up for no other reason than because someone is afraid supply might stop. Never mind the fact that we have a surplus and never mind the fact that people are having a hard enough time paying for every day necessities!


This absolutely makes me see red!!! How about you?

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30 Ways to Utilize Facebook for Business

Check out Brazen Web Design’s 30 ways to utilize facebook for businesses! Very sound advice.

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Top 5 Reason a Business Should Have a Blog.

Below are the top 5 reasons I think a company should have a blog.

  1. A blog will help your business establish a position as a leader within your industry.
  2. A blog will help your business build brand image.
  3. A blog will help your business rank higher in search engines by giving you more information to index. This also helps you build your business as the authority in your industry.
  4. A blog is an inexpensive form of public relations.
  5. A blog allows you to engage in a conversation with your target customers.

Blogging does not require an insane amount of time on the part of your business. Your posts don’t need to be super long, they just need to be relevant.

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Thumbtack is assisting my SEO efforts.

Check out my Graphic Design services listing on Thumbtack. It is giving me yet another option to link to my website and build my sites credibility and also bring me clients.

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